This is a problematic article with some good points, but with some poorly thought out ideas and mixing a couple of statistics.

The '1 out of 4' statistic I *think* you're referring to is the one popularized in the '90s I think, that 1 out of 4 college girls were sexually assaulted. The statistic was widely quoted and shared and taken to be true but it's since been questioned and largely discredited. The 97% stat re sexual harassment is far more accurate (and I'd say the other 3% are lying ;P)

@bmmonsterman correctly points out that you're conflating the two; we've *all* experienced sexual harassment, but not all of us have been *critically* sexually assaulted (like, rape). Let's stop pretending, as Matt Damon tried to tell those dizzy MeToo extremists Minnie Driver and Alyssa Milano that a butt grab isn't the same as a rape. Neither are pleasant, but most women don't wind up in therapy because someone copped a feel in a bar.

I also take exception to your notion that it's not our responsibility to make the world safer for women - it's our *shared* responsibility with men, and we also have to stop engaging in the sort of collective narcissistic feminism that casually dismisses violence against men just because it happens less or 'takes attention away the important challenges facing women'. Violence against EVERYONE is wrong, and men get beaten up and physically assaulted by other men a helluva lot more than women do to each other. Men ARE far more violent and they're the biggest threats to each other and themselves (a third of gun deaths every year are male suicide, and mostly white male suicide).

What I hope you will consider doing is cogitating on everyone's comments for a few months and revisit this article, maybe write a follow-up or rewrite it with newer insights. Because it *is* true that women meet death at men's hands far too much (not to mention abuse) and sexual harassment is a way of keeping women 'in their place'. But, we also need to consider how much we're going to 'sweat the small stuff'. I can only remember maybe one or two butt grabs in my life but I'm sure there were more. I just have more important things to think about, and men too can also make the choice to give too much headspace to minor slights and insults vs. real wrongs done to them.

Less victimhood, and more *collective* responsibility to make the world safer for *everyone*.

And please, enough already with collective feminist narcissism. It's not *all* about *us*.

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