See, you’re engaging in that blinkered thinking, with Jessica as well as myself. You’re reading things I haven’t said, and exhibiting an unhappy reaction to Jessica pointing out that men have a viewpoint too, and that women don’t always have it right about men…which they don’t, and a misandrist brand of feminism is quite common on Medium. I particularly appreciated her calling out the willy-nilly application of the ‘narcissist’ label to exes or anyone else they’ve had a dysfunctional relationship with. Genuine narcissists constitute about 4% of the population but I think around 115% of female Medium writers have been involved with them :P

These guys must get more action than Roush the Douche!

I don’t deny the existence of patriarchy, or systemic racism…I simply say that’s not *all* the story. Just as the points you bring up, all good and valid, aren’t all the story. The reason why I followed you earlier today is because you sound interesting, if a bit ideological and blinkered sometimes.

I’m simply saying at some point the buck stops with the wo/man in the mirror. We both live in First World countries; we have more power, personal and otherwise, than we would have in certain Third World countries. At some point ‘the patriarchy’ (or ‘white supremacy’, or whatever) becomes an excuse to not move one’s self forward. That’s the battle I hope to fight. Helping, eventually, everyone move forward by reclaiming their own personal power.

And we ALL have it.

Self-help centrist in the Murky Middle. Egalitarian & feminism critic. Visit me and reclaim your power on Grow Some Labia!

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