John Oliver trended on Twitter the other night after someone pulled up a not-terribly prescient interview he'd done with Stephen Colbert in which he noted that Markle may not have really thought through marrying into the Royal Windsucks and that he wouldn't be surprised if she pulled out at the last minute. She says herself she had no idea what it was like. I'd believed The Firm had actually learned SOMETHING from the whole Diana tragedy - allegedly, they'd undergone a lot of soul-searching and had sought to handle the commoner Catherine better - but I they just demonstrated they haven't learned a goddamn thing.

I hear many of the African commonwealths are not happy about the revelations in this interview. I hope it revives a new round of the popular Commonwealth party conversation everywhere, "Why Do We Have A Queen And Should We Get Rid Of The Royals?"

I for one would be happy to support Canada breaking with these inbred losers, but so far there isn't a real move for that. I thought the Queen as the head of our state was fairly stupid but I accepted it to become a citizen. Now I'm just disgusted with the whole lot of them. Don't need Archie to #NameTheRacist because I'm pretty sure it was one of the two old battleaxes waiting for Mum to die so one of them can finally take the throne.

Kind of hoping she outlives him so we don't have to put up with him as our king.

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