Ayo, you usually write great articles but I think this one is a little misleading and unfair. Much of what you say is true; there’s too much whining and not enough writing, not enough promotion, not enough writing improvement. (Although I don’t think cranking out an article a day Just Because everyone says you have to do to MAKEMONEYFAST on Medium is a great policy. Maybe, um, a few good articles a week and spend the rest learning of the time how to be a better writer? Content may be king, but who wants to be the King of Crap?)

Also, anyone with a job or real-life responsibilities can’t put in all the effort you describe including commenting and engaging that DOES drive attention to writers. As my freelance business is beginning to take off, I will have a lot less time for this myself. You didn’t quit your job for several years while you worked on yourself which is why it took so long.

What I really don’t like about this article is promoting Medium as a potential career. It will ALWAYS be dicey to to depend on ONE source for your income, or the bulk of it which is what a lot of writers do. One of the top writers, one of your friends who you’ve referenced several times, writes about how nuts she gets when Medium changes their algorithms or how writers get paid. It’s great that she earns so much but it makes her crazy, and it makes a lot of other writers crazy too. You’ve always pushed having more than one source of income which is great advice, but Medium is NOT an effective employment model whether it’s your only source or your main source (the 80/20 rule). And *you don’t use it as your only source either*.

Please, don’t overset expectations for writers. Many really good writers will never make much here even though they do all the right things, although plenty will die for reasons that are mostly their own fault. Medium’s a great place to learn and improve and network with other great writers, but over 90% don’t earn more than $100 a month. Which doesn’t suck, but it don’t pay the bills, neither!

Self-help centrist in the Murky Middle. Egalitarian & feminism critic. Visit me and reclaim your power on Grow Some Labia! www.nicolechardenet.com

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