FKA Twigs’s story demonstrates the uselessness of #MeToo if we refuse to learn from it, and act more intelligently

FKA Twigs in a stretch as she performs onstage
FKA Twigs in a stretch as she performs onstage

Singer, songwriter, dancer, and this week’s #MeToo cover girl FKA Twigs, the woman whose initials don’t stand for anything, who ‘just wanted a selection of letters that sounded quite kind of masculine and strong,’ filed a lawsuit against career violent bad boy Shia LaBoeuf for sexual assault, battery, and emotional distress.

She met him in 2018 on a movie set, years after he became more famous for his execrable behavior than for his acting, and got involved in a relationship with him.


Cue the tired Greek chorus of female voices asking the same damn question…

Hating others — including one’s self — for the way we’re born is the very definition of.

White woman gripping her head between her hands while other white hands cover her face
White woman gripping her head between her hands while other white hands cover her face

As I understand it from certain quarters on the left, I suffer from original sin. By virtue (ar ar) of birth circumstances, I am by default a white supremacist and a racist. Because, white.

Yet we’re no longer permitted to believe (at least out loud) that black people were ‘properly’ enslaved because of God’s birthmark of inferiority — their skin.

If it’s birth privilege-reckoning time, I reckon this means black and other men of color must experience their come-to-Jesus reckoning and acknowledge their own original sin.

Penis = male privilege, i.e., misogynist entitled tool of The Patriarchy. Plenty of entitled…

Make them go away!!!

The only thing more embarrassing than asking for someone who left the company many years ago is asking for someone who died many years ago.

As a freelance sales geek, I make numerous phone calls, to many different companies. I didn’t visit LinkedIn profiles before making the call nearly as much as I do now. Business advice tells you to research the company and person before you call, but that’s a time-waster with the ever-slimming possibility you’ll talk to the person any time soon.

It got worse last year when the global economy plodded to a halt like a maintenance-neglected…

At least, it won’t likely get a mention in the Pentagon report

Two cartoon aliens, one poking the other, who’s holding a rod topped with leaves
Two cartoon aliens, one poking the other, who’s holding a rod topped with leaves

I used to know someone who believed aliens kidnapped her and her young daughter at night.

She was a good friend, but, I privately thought, someone with a Fantasy-Prone Personality. FPPs have a fuzzier intellectual boundary between what’s real and possible and what’s not, and prefer, in my experience, supernatural explanations to rational ones. She wasn’t the only one I knew. We were Pagans with New Age overlap and while not all spiritual people are FPPs, you’ll find a fair amount in religious cultures.

I won’t claim anyone with a belief in divinities or afterlives is an FPP, since the…

The Big Dick Is Back, courtesy of black men (of course!) and you can have one too merely for the price of a quickie gang rape!

Large black military missle on a platform
Large black military missle on a platform

Penis enlargement spam is back! Thicker, harder, larger than life, and now, racist as f — um, hell!

I’ve written about how a quest for a really huge monster mandingo was the only welcome spam I received during its Golden Age. Today my digitized shitty lunch pseudo-meat induces sleep. Somewhere, someone got the idea I’m a golfer and I’m flooded with sales pitches for all things Old Retired White Boomer Man. I can’t imagine how I got on their lists since the world’s most boring sport is one I never Google.

The New Improved Penis Enlargement Spam offers industrial-strength racism…

Or, ‘Dear God, how do I refer to — Him? Her? Them? Zed or something?’

Who knew something once as boring as pronouns could be such a touchy subject?

Several years ago I belonged to a Canadian writers group and I remember someone who’d written an entire book about pronouns. She sought helpful advice about getting it published, because even publishers specializing in writing and grammar didn’t want an entire book about them.

This was a few years before a previously unknown Toronto university professor named Jordan Peterson turned pronouns into a worldwide culture war.

I don’t know if she ever found a space on the Indigo’s/Chapters shelves for her brave little non-gender-concerned pronoun book…

No violence required: ‘ Every Republican An Incel!’

Beautiful young woman taming a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a chain around its neck
Beautiful young woman taming a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a chain around its neck

Tessa Schlesinger is onto something. Seems she wrote an article some years ago about why she won’t date Republicans and, big surprise, she got a lot of flack from Trump fanboys. Seems they took it a leeeeetle personally and she got to wondering why.

She Googled and discovered no one wants to date a Trump voter, except his fangirls, and without the rallies — the OKStupid for horny double-digit IQ Nazis I guess, it’s harder to meet them. …

How can we be sure she was raped if she doesn’t understand the difference between ‘consent’ and ‘rape’?

Two little girls dressed as princesses and looking utterly adorable
Two little girls dressed as princesses and looking utterly adorable

Have you seen the movie where George Clooney’s character gets raped by a woman?

Up In The Air (2009) is the story of a corporate ‘downsizer’ (Clooney) hired to fire people by companies too wussy to do it themselves. His character begins an affair with a fellow uber-traveler and later learns she’s married. She rejects him, calling what they had merely ‘an escape’.

Some feminist intellectuals now argue that if a man lies to a woman to get sex, he’s committing ‘sexual fraud’ and that it may constitute rape; can she truly consent if he lies to her?



How much better would Twitter be without the Toxic Left?

If you’re even a little active on Twitter, the sudden toxicity drop mid-January after the platform removed right-wing QAnon-connected accounts following the Trump-fuelled terrorist attack on Washington was nothing short of breathtaking.

One day, you saw the usual trending hashtags from trolls, cyberbullies, and bots from both ideological sides: #TrumpIsNotWell #TrumpSavesAmerica #TrumpForever #TrumpTrainWreck #Trump2020 #DestroyTrump #TrumpsMyBabyDaddy.

(Okay I made that last one up. Ha ha! No one has sex with Donald Trump anymore!)

The next day, you clicked your Twitter button, and trending topics spanned the sublime to the ridiculous: The latest news on the pandemic and public vaccines progress…

This is a problematic article with some good points, but with some poorly thought out ideas and mixing a couple of statistics.

The '1 out of 4' statistic I *think* you're referring to is the one popularized in the '90s I think, that 1 out of 4 college girls were sexually assaulted. The statistic was widely quoted and shared and taken to be true but it's since been questioned and largely discredited. The 97% stat re sexual harassment is far more accurate (and I'd say the other 3% are lying ;P)

@bmmonsterman correctly points out that you're conflating the two…

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